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Let’s start with a little interesting fact: I’ve never been a big fan of reading before, at least until the age of 20, for sure. That is, I did not read anything other than what was supposed to be on the program and did not find any pleasure in it. However, as a junior, I came across one of Paolo Coelho’s book and I even liked it. In any case, after that I took another book and officially appropriated the title of bookworm.

Book hacks are tips to help you read more, faster, and more efficiently, including remembering information better. 100 books a year is a lot or a little for you? For me it is a normality. In the last year could organize my schedule without even an effort for reading. I share techniques and applications that help me read a lot every day and what a reading challenge is.

Read and adopt.

A room without books is like a body without the soul.
    1. If you liked the quote, do not copy it, but try to remember
      Often in books interesting quotes catch us. As a rule, we simply copy such phrases into the quote box and forget about them. So that the phrase is deposited in the head, immediately try to remember it, say it several times. Think of situations in which it would be useful to you. Immediately insert in the document where it would fit in (in the ad, in the signature to the photo, etc.).
    2. Set a daily pages for 7/10/30 days.
      But what’s the point of all this? Why try to read one-two books a week? This is quite difficult, besides, the majority lead a rather intense life without it, in which there are other more important activities that need attention. Why did I do this? In my case, having something to share, the more I read, the more information in my head that I can share with others to resolve their issues. Also, this is a challenge, who does not like a good challenge? We must always do what pushes us forward and forces us to develop. This is a good way to enhance motivation, confidence, discipline and willpower. When you have in front of you a book with hundreds of pages and you know that your to do list is crazy long, you cannot focus on reading more than 3-5 pages, as you are constantly thinking about the activities are waiting for you. Your mind is busy taking into account that there is so much more to read, when you could do so many other things: there is cooking waiting, your dog needs a walk, groceries shopping and so on? But what if you split a 300/p book in 30 pages/day? Now your reading challenge is gonna take just 15-20 minutes and after that you can continue with several other things are waiting for you. Does it look easier, more real for you right now? Good books make us definitely smarter and better, inspire, and sometimes open up new worlds. Go ahead…
    3. Find the best reading app for you
      No matter that I am a big lover of a real, paper books, but no one will argue that electronic books in many situations are much more convenient and practical. This is the case for several reasons. Firstly, they do not take up space (naturally, except for space on your device), secondly, they do not weigh anything, and thirdly, they can always be near you. And if earlier in public transport everyone was hiding behind an open book, now its place was taken by phones and tablets. I had a look on many reading apps, and stoped at the simple iOS iBooks app, they have plenty of free books and up to buy. But of course you are free to use any other good one for your daily use.
    4. How to pick up the right book
      Carefully read reviews, if possible – check out a couple of pages of text if possible. It happens that everyone is waiting for the book, but in the end it turns out to be a not worth one – you should not spend money and such time. I use a good app for this help GoodReads (is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations). The correct purchase of books and the creation of your own little library of the “chosen one” is not an easy task, requiring some experience and even luck. However, I’m sure that if you just start, it will be completely impossible to stop. And keep it in your mind that many times a person’s education is evaluated by the size and composition of his personal library.
    5. Organize your book shelf
      Read – on the shelf? What for! If you read correctly, you quickly realize that the book is turning into a one-time thing. As a book lover I have a problem with letting books go away. When I finish a book, even if it is a good one, most probably, many of them I am not going to read it again. So what should we do in that case? Keeping them for children? In my library I have dozens of them, but I only keep books that one day I will come back to it, only if there is something to learn and time by time is good for review. Other, good and not worth time books I literally leave them on the streets. You know how? Thats a story I will make a another post one day, but usually I leave the book in exactly place I finished it. A bus to Romania, a train in Germany, a hospital in Malta, or a bench in the park in Moldova. You loved that little paper thing, but you won’t read it again, instead of collecting dust – make another reader happy!  You can systematize your entire library with data storage on the Web, coming back to GoodReads… Make challenges, save your reading goals and all the books you have ever read/you will ever read and also leave some reviews of books you have read, find interesting books for friends to read with your friends, share books with friends. Moreover, the range of using social networks for reading enthusiasts is quite wide.
    6. Start or join a challenge
      Read a book per week. Participate in a challenge as it will serve as a good motivation. My goal this year is 100 books. These are two books a week. So far in the schedule. GoodReads helps with keeping on track.

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