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10 YEARS FROM NOW. What will happen to me in the future?

Sooner or later, the same question inevitably arises in the life of every person: “What will happen to me in the future? What do I see myself in a year, in five years, in twenty years?” And no matter how I would not like to get rid of this obsessive question, no matter how I would not like to throw it out of my head, forget it like a nightmare, this cannot be done. Therefore, This question flips through my head from morning to late night, and then torments all night in endless nightmares. So, there is no other way to get rid of this question than to give an honest answer to yourself. Well, apparently it is my turn to answer, and here are my sincere thoughts.

To clarify, I can say that my dreams have come to an end, because I know exactly what I want to achieve in my life, I clearly see my path and I am confident in my abilities. The certainty of a life goal is the first condition for achieving a result. More often than not, a person who does not achieve anything in their life just stop, they stop dreaming and kindles the fire of desire to develop in themself. It doesn’t matter at all in which field it is realized: creative work or hard physical work, is it more pleasant to work with the head, hands or the imagination. It all starts with burning desire and clear goals. This is exactly the first step that you take on the path to your happiness.

As a result, after 10 years … firstly, I do what I love, doing life I enjoy a lot. Secondly, and most important, I have a wonderful family, a handsome husband and three children (one adopted). I’ll have a huge apartment and in the evenings reading books by the fireplace and play with children is a must have, for instance. Everything beautiful is simple. So I do not need everything, I have enough of the best.


I am gonna make a short bucket list with the things I will focus in the next years:

  1. getting promoted few times at work
  2. happy family
  3. at least 3 kids (one adopted)
  4. live in 2 new countries
  5. visit USA, UK, Japan, China, Australia, India, Latin America
  6. go to Disneyland
  7. ride a gondola in Venice
  8. go up the Eiffel Tower
  9. see the Northern Lights
  10. drink beer at Oktoberfest
  11. explore the Amazon

Would love to know what are your goals for the next years?! DM



But what’s your Dream Job?

How do you think, how much money affects happiness?



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10 YEARS FROM NOW. What will happen to me in the future?