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2019/a year in review

The 2019 I literally met on top of the World. With the best people on Earth in a breathtaking place. The last few years, my life seemed better and better to me. Each time it looked like there is no room for more, and each time I was wrong. Not complaining of course 😀 but it makes you understand how important is the PRESENT moment.

2019 was less adventurous than the previous ones, but definitely not the worst one. I got depressed, I got in love, I got disappointed, I achieved my goal, I made new friends, new experiences… Can say dozens of good and bad what happened in 2017/’18/’19, but the most essential is to appreciate both of them, as exactly this year, 2019, teached me how important is not not worry when something bad happens, and to be grateful for the good things that life brings you!

Will tell a little example so you know what I mean. In the new 2019 era, I stepped with hundreds of worries looking for a new job. As you remember here I was complaining about it 😀 don’t hesitate to read that, you will have a lot of fun I promise!

So I was constantly applying for a large number of offers, many of them didn’t work because of not enough experience, many of them didn’t work because I was not an EU citizen, many of them didn’t work because speak not the right languages and plenty of them I was supposed to wait for an answer for months! There are tons of jobs I could and was able to work, but I was a bit spoiled and picky, thats how depression caught me.

So there was a dream job, that takes ages, and there was a good job I would love to have, but temporarily. For the first one, even an answer took months, the second one, even trying, they didn’t hire me… Sad, heartbroken, destroyed, low, depressed… I told myself that I am gonna start working anywhere what I find first… and here we go, thats how my person ended up working in a place I would never like to be, I mean it wasn’t that bad, but not the one, or at least not what I would count as a good one, shit payed and didn’t feel like learning something new, as it was so much easy one. Maybe can’t explain how bad I felt being there, but DO believe me… was looking for any opportunity to run away!

Few months later, the magic happened! My dream door opened! And I would never be able to get it if I would work on that second job, temporarily one, because my contract would be for at least 1 or 2 years, what means I wouldn’t be able to cancel it anytime I want.

Look what I meant when I said “even bad things are for the best” and we should appreciate them. You remember I just told you that wanted to get a good but temporarily job, so for this one I would have a contract for at least 1 or 2 years, what means I wouldn’t be able to cancel it anytime, what means I wouldn’t be able to apply for my dream job! And the place I was annoyed by, the easy one I told you upper, gave me the time to review all the bibliography for the following up exam and finally achieve my goal.

And it wasn’t the only situation, I realized innumerable cases when even bad things are for good. Thats why I mean it when I say – enjoy your ups and downs, there is always a reason why it happens to you. Maybe your KARMA is making a funny joke?! Or maybe your life is preparing you for something better. Be patient and wait for it, you will be surprised!

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2019/a year in review