About me

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Actually, it is amazing that you are interested in my age and are reading this. Honestly, I totally love that! It always seemed to me that nobody reads the “About Me” section. Looks like I was wrong, let’s start?!

Who? What? Why? Greetings to everyone, I am happy to have you here!

A gorgeous girl from East Europe in a happy relationship with her passport and pregnant with food is getting lost all around the World and looking to share her knowledge, impressions, feelings and other, with you. I am obsessed with travelling, love reading, have an addiction to shopping and enjoy lots of other hobbies. What about learning more new activities together?

I lived in five countries and would absolutely love to move to a new one what is definitely gonna happen one day. Love the country I was born in, but considering myself a citizen of the World, my final absolute goal and life resolution would be changing my living country each few years. It’s a personal blog with my thoughts and own experiences. The beginning of it started a long time ago and I am still not tired of keeping you updated. Subscribe to a greater extent.

The blog was not made for an online brand or some earnings – it is simply a place on the digital web where I can express my perspectives, sentiments, views, beliefs, standpoints and so on (although I would not mind if it brought some extra income, fortunately/unfortunately not the case yet :).

I was born on Monday, so every first day of the week – check out more of my work… At the same time, of course, I will always be glad to my readers and their comments, I am happy to answer questions and enter into a conversation. Meanwhile, if you want to follow what is happening in my life now, then I actively maintain my Instagram page.

For cooperation, suggestions, questions, answers, write me – caro.chirica@gmail.com