Depending on your hair type, choose a treatment that gives it volume and shine in a very short time, thanks to recipes that have been tested over generations.

Proper shampooing is a great service you can do to your hair. What does this concept include? First, regularity – determine for yourself the frequency with which you need to wash your hair. For some, this is every day, but for others, washing is recommended several times a week.

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Secondly, learn to wash your hair properly, as a master would do in an expensive salon. Of course, it is best to use shampoo and balm every time. Finally, choose the right shampoo. Of course, he does not have to be expensive and professional, but must be suitable for the type of hair.

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Of course, it is worth considering features such as dyed hair, a tendency to dandruff, dryness or greasy, length. If you are a woman, it is better not to use baby and male shampoos when it is not indicated that this is a universal remedy for the whole family. As a rule, shampoos for men, women and children have different levels of acidity and are not interchangeable.

  • Oily hair

Soft without volume, oily immediately after the first wash?

Sometimes it seems that oily hair is a sentence: the hairstyle does not hold volume, and the locks look dirty by the end of the day. Experts agree that owners of oily hair should not wash their hair every day. The necessary level of sebum in the scalp is replenished within 2-3 days. It is this period that you must withstand. Everyday washing of the head makes the sebaceous glands work more actively, they begin to secrete sebum in greater quantities. To break the vicious circle, follow a few rules.

Wash your hair every day. First every other day, then every two days. During the “abstinence” period, your main assistants may be hats, dressings or dry shampoo. Talc and corn starch as part of this product perfectly absorb excess sebum, creating the illusion of a clean head.

Wash your hair with warm water. Hot stimulates the sebaceous glands. After applying the shampoo with massage movements, lather your head for at least 30 seconds, then rinse, repeat the procedure. The shampoo applied on the head for the first time washes away the surface dirt in the form of dust mixed with styling, in the second – it removes accumulated sebum.

Do not apply conditioner to the roots. The conditioner serves to close the scales of the hair, smooth the strands, giving them shine and silkiness, so it should be applied only along the length of the hair. Heavy in texture and saturated with oils, it can form a film on the scalp, clog pores and stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Rinse your head with cool water. It will calm the sebaceous glands, smooth the hair cuticle, and prevent the appearance of static electricity.

  • Dry hair

Dehydrated, damaged, often electrified?

How to care for dry and brittle hair? The simplest answer to this question is to eliminate the main cause of dryness and provide the hair with the attention they definitely deserve. Let’s figure it out in order.

In the cold months, we change skin care products: instead of a light moisturizer for the face, we choose a more dense and nourishing one. The same beauty rule should be followed when caring for hair. As soon as the temperature outside the window has dropped below zero, put on a shelf in the bathroom a new hair conditioner: its formula should be more saturated and provide deep moisture to the hair.

Use shampoos and balms with the effect of lamination and gloss. They will create a thin film on the surface of the hair, which will prevent moisture loss and protect curls from negative influences from the outside. As a bonus, the hair will become thicker and heavier, as well as a little straightened under its own weight.

Hair stylists advise: before combing your hair, apply a little hair conditioner to the comb – so you do not damage their structure. And in no case do not use the “iron” or curling irons for undressed hair. Before you start styling, make sure that your hair is completely dry – otherwise a hot curling iron can cause them harm, which can be compared, for example, with a skin burn!

  • Mixt hair

Dry at the tips, greasy at the roots?

To solve the problems specific to this type of hair, it is very important to act in two directions at once:

1) The need to get rid of excess fat in the root zone.
2) Solving the problem of dryness, brittleness and cross-section of the tips.

As a rule, most often only the first problem from this duo is solved, which causes the greatest inconvenience. But the use of shampoos for oily hair along the entire length, further exacerbates the problem of dry ends. A few key points should be highlighted regarding cleansing: water for washing should be warm and soft, but if the system has hard water with a high content of harmful impurities and chlorine, it is advisable to use boiled water. If shampoos for oily hair are used, they should be applied only in the upper half, avoiding contact with the ends. The ends before washing should be treated with special masks, serums or oils for dry damaged hair. It is better to wash off soap with slightly cool water, while improving blood circulation and normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Wash your hair as it gets dirty using shampoos suitable for frequent use.  Use a dry shampoo in between washings to get rid of the greasy at the base of the hairline and refresh the hair.

Opposite features of this type of hair cause a lot of trouble and require increased attention regarding care after the cleansing procedure. Extra care for the mixed type involves the use of various nutritional, strengthening, regenerating agents. After washing, to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, it is recommended to use natural rinses, apple cider vinegar, best infused on herbs.  Rinse hair with a slightly warm solution that does not require rinsing. To restore the structure, it is necessary to include in the care of the mixed type of hair intensive products for dry and damaged curls. They typically contain silk proteins, essential oils and plant extracts. Apply such cosmetics only to the ends. For combined hair you need to use masks made from natural ingredients.

Speaking of masks: they will act more efficiently if you hide your hair under a hat and a warm towel for 30-40 minutes. When choosing a mask, focus not only on the type of hair, but also on the specific problem that you want to solve. For example, to get rid of dryness, masks with natural oils are suitable. But the clay in the composition is more likely to dry the hair, which dehydrated hair should be avoided. Drink more fluids (carbonated drinks and alcohol do not count) and review your diet. Include fruits and vegetables, as well as flaxseed and olive oils, whole grains, nuts and fish.

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