But what’s your Dream Job?

When I finished my master degree, all my projects and activities, with three high degrees, 4 fluent languages and a big national and international volunteering background, dozens of awesome skills, looking at my CV I just couldn’t believe why such a person doesn’t get paid simply staying at home :D.

I came back to my home country – I started my job search, it actually felt exciting, from the beginning of course… I anticipated myself landing a high-powered job that I loved, cruising down city streets to my office in fabulously fashionable suits and dresses, and making my mark in the diplomacy world.

Cut to six months later, and I was sitting in front of my laptop, in my not-so-fashionable pajamas, desperate for my dream job, searching for anything else available. At one point, when I gave up, I just picked up whatever I find hopping that one day, one big incredible day, I’ll be there, upstairs, on the rooftop of the skyscraper with a great city view.

…but you know, nothing is more permanent than something temporary.

And unfortunately, I’m not alone. You, and she, and him, and I, many people as us—even people with advanced degrees, plenty of experience, and stellar qualifications—are feeling the blues of searching for jobs to no avail.
Sounds familiar?
Then welcome to my team! So what should we do?! Honestly? Have no idea. It feels weird and funny at the same time. The jobs I’m applying, takes too long. First it takes hours to apply, and it takes months to receive any answer. My story continues with being sick to look for some more opportunities, but at the same time I understand that it’s normal and that’s how it goes, but from another side, I got so cakeing tired that have already some weeks since didn’t even check if there is something new for me. Of course I’m not staying at home and chilling all days long, but lost all my motivation for a new life. Time by time, my friends remind me who I am and that I deserve better than an unpaid internship and a job I have now. But, but, but but but buuuut!

…soon enough I’ll see myself in the shoes I always wanted to be in…

P.S. while writing this post, left it on the half way to find a better place for me in the Employment World!
Hug you, kiss you!
see you somewhere in the World

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