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Dear journal | Day 11

I am still healing. I have never had to go through something this prolonged. I avoid listening to our playlists, looking at pictures, or reading our conversations. I have deleted and removed everything from my view that reminds me of you. Despite all that, I am still in the healing process. It’s hard to believe it takes this long.

Have no explanation for what I am doing here, I guess I just needed to occupy myself with anything that comes to mind, anything that feels entertaining. So, here is another inspiration for those who ever wants to surprise their loved ones. Below is the toast-poem I wrote for him at his birthday. I guess I just wanna delete it from my phone, but the effort was too big to waste it. Get inspired:

To Christian, my love, on this special day, in German and English I have something to say.

Aus Beijing nach Changchun, distance may be far,
But our love story shines more than the brightest star.
This story found its beat when in the beginning of April flowers began to greet.
We met on Tinder, a swipe right, a match, a connection so deep, no other could catch.
Through WeChat calls and FaceTime nights,
Our love shines bright, like city lights.
From pixels to reality, this love “missed a flight”,
Fortunately landed in the heart of the Philippines, under the moonlight.

I speak to mein ein und alles, that’s turning thirty-two,
Ich liebe dich schatz, as much as beyond the moon, it’s true.

Today, in October’s glow, we celebrate you,
With birthday wishes, genuine and true.
So, on this beautiful island on this special day,
In Boracay’s night, we toast away.
Here’s to the dreams we’re sharing together,
Promises of always and forever.
To the laughter, joy, and even the strife,
Du bist mein Partner, meine Liebe, my life.
Through every challenge, every test,
Ich will nur dass du weißt das mit dir I’m feeling blessed.

This is a toast to your future, with kids, four in line, kleine Kopien of you and mine.

Mit deiner Schwester und unseren Freunden, we celebrate in a glee,
A memory so precious, as vast as the sea.
This poem is to the man who’s my heart’s delight,
We toast to you, under this beautiful starlight.

Hier ist dein Geschenk, a frame of our joy,
Each photo, a moment, none could destroy.
A pinky promise, sealed with a kiss,
I wish you alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mein Chris.

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