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I definitely refuse to talk about you in the past.

These thoughts are so personal, but I want to make them public, I want to leave your fingerprint in the virtual world, I want every person on this globe to know about you. An enormous regret for those who will not have the chance to talk to you, to learn a lesson, to listen a joke, to enjoy your smile. They have lost a lot.

I know that you can hear and see us, please know that you are the best father that we could ever wish. You are everything to your family and a huge loss for your friends, you are the only correct man in this world, you are my father, my teacher in life, my example and idol! I am incredibly happy and thank fate that I got the best father in the entire world. A father that many can only dream of.

It is so nice to know what devoted friends and what beautiful people surround you.
I’m proud to have such a father. Everyone loves you and we all miss you.

I smile at any memory with you, but I cry every time I pronounce the word “dad”.
The pain bursts inside. It is impossible to accept.

2020 was a rough year, it ended as it started in the same place.
34 days without you.

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Dear dad