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Dear journal | Day 10

Might sound naive, but I did imagine myself being there, having that day with you. We deeply talked about it. It seemed real, but apparently, it’s never going to happen. However, it meant so much to me that I want you to see it—how much passion it holds and the regret I have for never having the occasion to speak to you this. I started writing it long ago when our relationship was strong and full of love, aiming to surprise you on that special day. Now, it may serve as inspiration for others if it’s not useful for me.



I’ll never forget the day we met. Because that day, I met my best friend and somebody that I wanna have in my life forever. And I’ll forever be grateful for that day, because I met you. I keep saying all the time that I want you to be mine, always and in my life forever. Well, this forever is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier.

You know how you always have shared with me, throughout our relationship, how you feel about us and what makes you happy? Well, now it’s my turn to finally share what I’ve been feeling all of these months for you. I’ve been slowly writing this letter to you over the months, writing down different things that came to mind that I knew I wanna tell you on our wedding day. After so much time of editing I think I finally got it right. I started this letter on July 4th, 2023. You remember our first week in Changchun we spent together? One morning, while you’re getting ready to go to work, there was a moment when I looked at you and knew I will marry you one day. That was the day I started writing this vow. It wasn’t even three months of our relationship. By that time, we already knew this is THE love of our life, THE joy of our future.



We have journeyed through miles, time zones, and countless video calls to arrive at this moment. I’ve loved you since the day I met you. In Beijing, Changchun, Frankfurt, alone, surrounded by friends, or in your home backyard when you folded my hand while meeting your family.

Our love story is not a conventional one. We have spent more time apart than together, separated by miles and time zones. But it was in this distance that I found the true depth of my love for you. It was in the late-night and early morning phone calls, the handwritten letters (that did not arrive because of China post), the waiting, and the anticipation of our reunions that I realized how much you mean to me. From the moment we met, I knew there was something special about us. Despite the distance we had, you made me feel loved, cherished, and valued every single day, you’ve shown me that love knows no boundaries, no distance, and no time zones.

Regardless me being Eastern European, a Scorpio, a trouble with a little attitude, a weirdo and sometimes even test your patience, I will make you see and feel things your eyes and heart never knew possible, I will make it magic.


Our relationship has been a testament to patience, understanding, and the power of love. We have learned to communicate, to trust, and to keep our love alive across miles. We have turned our goodbyes into see you soons. I am so grateful for every mile, every challenge, and every moment that led us here. I am so excited to step into this new chapter of our lives together, knowing that no matter where we are, as long as we are together, we are home.

Apparently never

Today, I vow to you that the distance that once separated us will only make our bond stronger. I promise to continue loving you through time. I promise to be your partner, your lover, your best friend. I promise to stand by your side, to support you, to cherish you, and to love you unconditionally.  I promise to make our home a place where love, respect, and laughter reside, no matter where in the world that home may be. I promise to continue to grow with you, to learn with you, and to build a life with you. I promise to be your navigator (beep beep), your partner in crime, your ally in conflict, and your consolation in disappointment. I vow to listen when you speak, to comfort you when you’re down, and to join in your laughter and your tears. And finally, I vow to you that this long-distance chapter of our story is closed, and a new one will begin. A chapter where we wake up next to each other every morning, where every day ends with a goodnight kiss, where every moment is shared, and every memory is created together.


I wanna share every sunrise and sunset with you. I wanna support you in achieving your dreams. I wanna have a family with you, four kids. I wanna grow old together. You’re my heart, my soul, my everything. I love you, now and always, across all distances and through all of time. From today on, you made me the happiest woman alive. My heart is ready to jump out of my chest. I thank you, I admire you, I love you!

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