You want to know me? Then don’t look at my face insistently and don’t put definitive labels on me after listening to me saying just a few words. Do not appreciate my emotional maturity in relation to my biological age and do not think you know my education after sitting around me for just a few seconds. Don’t analyze me by the things around me, no matter how many there are, they don’t show that I have everything I need. And no matter how few I have, that doesn’t show that I’m missing something.
Do not listen to other people’s stories about me and do not look at me in the eyes of others, because every person sees me differently and too few see me as I really am. Do not judge my sensitivity, morality and values according to my past mistakes, because you do not know the circumstances that led to their commission. You cannot judge a person by one deed. Don’t judge me by a word, a deed, a mistake. I’m deeper than that.

Do you still want to know who I am? Then come and see my feelings, not only those that I choose to let others see. You will notice that I also have human weaknesses, only that, unlike many, I find the strength to fight my infirmities. Come and see how I laugh when I have to cry out loud and how I find the strength to alleviate the pain of others, while mine suffocates me. Come and know my whole universe, with past, present and future… Do not give me grades before you meet me. That is why I invite you to my world, come! I challenge you to meet me. I don’t promise I’m better or worse than you imagined… I’m just deeper than that. I am me, myself and I!


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HAGIA SOPHIA – a miracle hidden in TURKEY