GAGAUZ SOFRASI – a miracle hidden in MOLDOVA

This summer, after years of living/traveling abroad, given the pandemic crisis and world lockdown, it's time to discover Republic of Moldova in all its splendor - with Soviet bunkers, landscape reserves, water lilies and green forests. I invite you to discover with me the south of Moldova and the Gagauz Sofrasi pension, an ethnotouristical complex in the largest village in Europe, which incorporates the traditions, culture and history of the people of Gagauz origin. Someone told me before that you can't show the beauty of this place through a few photos. I'll try anyway, and yeah, you can't.

Located in Congaz, Gagauz Sofrasi features a restaurant, free WiFi and a garden. Guests have access to family rooms and a terrace. Each room has a private bathroom with a bidet, hairdryer and free toiletries.

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why “Gagauz Sofrasi” is a variety of services. Firstly, each guest will find an occupation for the soul. Secondly, the guest will not simply become a visitor of the tourist complex, but will feel “deep” inhabitant of this village. Which gets to know the beauty, Gagauz traditions and culture. However, a dinner here will turn into an incredible sedentary gastronomic journey. Thirdly, and most importantly, a small design hotel, exclusive hotel. This involves – a modern style with Gagauz elements of decor and atmosphere, with an individual approach to each guest.

Moreover, from the first beginning we were greeted by the multitude of details of the Gagauz culture. Everywhere there are frames with embroideries of 80-120 years, for instance. In conclusion, really appreciate hospitality of local people, because of tasty food and picturesque place. Well done to the staff and owners for creating such an interesting and enjoyable corner.

Therefore, if you go to Gagauz Sofrasi, there will be no money mourning. So be sure to go on the trip that will take you back in time. The guide will take you around the entire complex. and will tell you about the life, culture and traditions of the Gagauz people. Consequently, aunt Lera takes you through the garden and the museum in the hotel courtyard! That is to say, plenty of details, souvenirs, trinkets gathered over time and placed like in a museum. In other words, there are dresses with an age of 200 years.

As a result, you will visit the ethnographic museum. The wine cellar and the terrace. To clarify, in the museum, you have a unique opportunity to wear traditional Gagauz costumes and take beautiful photos. This place received us in its cottages without conditioner and TV. But with a lot of comfort and love. Houses made of clay according to historical technologies. However kept the same inner atmosphere of the grandparents.

On the other hand, Gagauz Sofrasi began its life with two small houses. As well as a small museum with objects that reflect the professions and life in Kongaz. Old photos, household and musical instruments. And each has a history behind it. The longer I stayed, the more I fell in love with this location. Within the complex, you will find: hotel, an ethnographic museum, a terrace with panoramic views of the tourist attractions “Gagauz Maazası” winery, a traditional Gagauz restaurant, a banquet hall “Favorite” etc.

The ethnographic museum shows the daily worries and the Gagauz culture. Visitors will be impressed by the color of the life of the Gagauz people.

Gagauzians are famous for their hospitality. I highly recommend this unique place. A rich culture presented in customs and traditions, history and authentic things, tools, antiques. You can travel in one or almost two centuries. The whole entourage is created with a fine taste. The welcoming staff is extremely warm. And the air, the scent of natural herbs and the environment are fantastic.

Just for their cuisine, it is worth traveling 150 km from the capital. And enjoying a book on the backyard, dream place! Would definitely go again anytime soon with my favorite book.










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GAGAUZ SOFRASI – a miracle hidden in MOLDOVA