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Without the recommendations of your master or in the absence of the necessary tools and gadgets, we sometimes do not even know how to properly care for hair after visiting a beauty salon. As a result, the hair gradually begins to look not as we would like ..

It happens that there is absolutely not enough time for a hairstyle, complex styling, and sometimes even an elementary wash your hair! What to do and how to be? We have collected the most useful hair hacks for you that will make your life easier. Let’s start with repeating the important rules that will protect you from locks and cut hair sticking out in all directions!

  1. When there is no time to wash your hair, hair hacks will save you. One of them is the use of dry shampoo. Put it on your hair, then comb it – your curls will shine, as if you washed them an hour ago. Unfortunately, the effect of dry shampoos is short-lived, so by the evening the strands will again appear greasy.
  2. Dry shampoo is usually made from natural ingredients and is completely harmless to the hair. And it is able to give a wonderful base volume! What does it mean? This means that you can safely use it even on clean hair, if you want to make your hair as voluminous as possible.
  3. To quickly make beautiful curls, collect hair in a high tail. Divide the strands into several parts and wind them on a curling iron of the desired diameter. Then loosen your hair and fix the hair with varnish – just 5-10 minutes and the stylish styling is ready!
  4. Looking for another easy and quick way to make a hairstyle with curls? Twist the strand into a large curling iron, then slightly pull the curl to turn the rings into light waves. Another way is to comb your hair immediately after wrapping. This trick will allow you to make stylish beach waves from elastic curls.
  5. One more hair hack to help create beautiful, light waves. Braid all your hair into two or three pigtails, then walk through it several times with a hot iron. After all the braids have been worked out, loosen your hair and fix the hair with varnish.
  6. Hair styling foam or fixing gels help you discipline your hair. But if the hair is electrified, massage it with a drop of Nivea cream. It will be not only well styled, but also very bright.
  7. Don’t know how to keep hair in a bun? Owners of naughty or very smooth hair are advised to pay attention to such a life hack – use spiral hairpins instead of the usual hairpins – they are screwed into the hair and best fix the hairstyle!
  8. To make a slightly sloppy and voluminous styling, dry your hair strand by strand, while twisting them into bundles. Create a based volume and lightly sprinkle the strands with varnish so that the styling lasts as long as possible. A wonderful hairstyle for every day.
  9. Use shampoos that give volume and elasticity to restore your hair’s vigor and get a voluminous effect. When styling it with a brush, hold your head down to dry its roots first. If it tends to fall off, add two drops of thyme essential oil to regular shampoo. Thyme, a true hair tonic, will limit hair loss.
  10. So, let’s start by breaking the template. You probably, like everyone else, are used to washing your hair with shampoo first and then applying conditioner to your hair. Swap them! Firstly, the hair prepared by the conditioner will not be over-dried by subsequent washing with shampoo. Secondly, it is this technique that allows you to achieve maximum volume when styling – the conditioner will not make the hair heavier, and you will moisturize the tips anyway.
  11. Lacking tone, fine hair needs strengthening. Use wheat and oat protein products to make it denser and stronger. Take advantage of the protective masks that strengthen the hair fiber and increase the diameter of the hair.
  12. Given the fact that the hair is more fragile after repeated dyeing, it is advisable to complete each wash with a treatment. Once a week, apply a nourishing mask for devitalized hair, while avoiding excessive brushing.
  13. Use special shampoos and let the hair dry taking care to massage it with a drop of shea butter while it is still wet. In the morning, sprinkle it with mineral water to swell it and keep your curls beautiful.
  14. Do you like to apply nutritious oils to the ends of your hair, but after that the locks look greasy and unkempt? Apply oil an hour or two before shampooing so that they can absorb and act. Then wash your hair, apply conditioner and dry your hair – you will see, the tips will look neat, alive and beautiful.

Take care of your hair regularly with invigorating, 100% natural vegetable oils, which you can apply as a mask. Nourished and rehydrated, the hair will be beautiful. The process is economical, and the result will surprise you. Choose the vegetable oil that you will apply according to two methods: on the whole hair or only on the tips.

  • on the whole hair
    Spread the oil well on all the hair, then fold it in a warm, damp towel, aluminum foil or a plastic helmet. It is best to leave the oil overnight, then wash it lightly the next morning. If you don’t want to wait that long, massage your hair well with oil and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash lightly. Repeat weekly.
  • on the tips
    If you only have dry, damaged or split ends, massage it well with an oil. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, then wash gently. Repeat several times a week.

Types of oil:

  • Almond oil: soothing, nourishing and fortifying. Soothes itching. It is dense and very velvety and smells very pleasant.
  • Argan oil: perfect for regenerating and nourishing dry and devitalized hair. It is ideal for dull hair, strengthens it and restores its shine.
  • Avocado oil: supple, moisturizing and regenerating, strengthens the hair and promotes its growth. Ideal for dry and dull hair.
  • Apricot kernel oil: revitalizing and toning. Nourishes and softens dry hair.
  • Jojoba oil: restores the balance of oily hair, normalizing sebum production. Revitalizes dry and brittle hair. The hair regains its shine and suppleness.
  • Castor oil: perfect for dry, devitalized, split or brittle hair. It strengthens the hair and promotes its growth.
  • Olive oil: nourishing and soothing, it is excellent for dry and brittle hair. The hair is stronger and more beautiful.
  • Coconut oil: for beautiful hair. It is used in small quantities to give it shine and vigor.
  • Camellia oil: it’s great for dry or devitalized hair.
  • Macadamia oil: gentle, moisturizing and soothing, nourishes hair effectively.
  • Grape seed oil: repairs thin, brittle and damaged hair, it is recognized because it nourishes the hair fiber.
  • Wheat germ oil: gentle and revitalizing, it is ideal for dry and brittle hair.
  • Lightening oil: excellent for hair. Nourishes and revitalizes dry and brittle hair.

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