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Dear journal | Day 5

I have to admit, this break up really sucks. It’s unfortunate that it happened for such a stupid reason – our inability to communicate effectively. It’s a mistake we kept making throughout our relationship. We always felt the need to be brutally honest in the heat of the moment, without considering the emotional state of the other person. We failed to read the room and understand that rational conversations were not possible when emotions were running high. In situations where someone is angry with us, it’s not the right time to provide logical feedback. Emotions should be met with empathy and understanding, while rational discussions should be met with a calm and collected approach. It’s important not to mix the two. Sometimes, we may be in a rational state of mind, but the other person is overwhelmed with emotions. In those moments, it’s crucial for us to step back and allow them the space to express themselves.

Looking back, I realize that we missed many opportunities to bridge the gap between our emotions and rationality. We failed to recognize the importance of timing and understanding each other’s emotional needs. It’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. As I reflect on this break up, I understand that communication is a complex dance between emotions and rationality. It requires us to be aware of our own emotional state and to be sensitive to the emotions of others. It’s not always easy, but it’s a skill worth sharpening.

So, dear journal, as I navigate through the aftermath of this break up, I am reminded of the importance of communication and the need to strike a balance between emotions and rationality. It’s a journey of self-discovery and growth, and I’m determined to learn from my mistakes.

With love, Carolina

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