New app recently found that have helped improve my workflow

AnyPlan: Time Schedule Planner

Keep Focus via Daily Organizer

AnyPlan is a professional organizer app to manage your daily life easier. With events, tasks, reminders and notes in one place, you can keep track of them at any time.

AnyPlan is designed for those people who are looking for a mobile calendar and planner that manages a schedule in the simplest and most organized way. It makes every day more productive by combining your events, tasks, iOS reminders and notes into one easy app and manages your daily schedule into a beautiful layout. With the user-friendly and easy readable designed interface, you can flip pages like your real paper planner to view your activities. The best way to visually and sensibly plan your time.

Main Features

• The unique and beautiful interface makes it super simple to track your events, tasks, iOS reminders and notes in different views. You will easily to get a quick overview of the upcoming events and overdue tasks.

• Easy to add, edit and delete events. Touch a blank space in your day to quickly create a new event.

• Move events and tasks with Drag & Drop to change your schedule, just tap and hold on the item to activate it.

• Manually Pinch-Zoom in or out to change row height in timeline to view all information. Also supports to change the day starts and ends at.

• Support to create different color lists to group different tasks, which makes you easier to find them.

• Multi-functional tasks with due date, repeat rule, priority and reminder. Support to sort tasks by different options as you want.

• Create custom filters to make tasks easier to find.

• Supports integration of iOS reminders within AnyPlan, including adding, editing, and deleting.

• Jot down notes for everything at any time. Supports to attach pictures and canvases with the note. Provide a drawing environment that receives input from Apple Pencil or your finger. (requires iOS 13.0+). Custom Tags for categorizing all of your notes.

• Export and Print your schedule by daily, weekly and monthly. Also supports to print tasks and notes separately.


• Absolutely no ads. Keep your focus on what’s important.

• Sync data with iCloud ID, so every change you make on one device automatically appears across all your iOS devices.

• Different customization options for different requirements from kinds of people, such as theme color, dark mode, font style & size, app badge, etc.

• Show or hide the calendars as you want. Change the color of calendar freely.

• iOS 14 Widgets.

So what are you waiting for? AnyPlan is for you, it would help you to be able to get more done. Please feel free to download AnyPlan. Believe me, you will never regret doing so.

AnyPlan offers additional premium features that require an in-app purchase or subscription. If you choose to purchase an upgrade, you can get access to the premium version of AnyPlan with a one-time purchase or yearly subscription. You buy it once and it is carried over to other devices associated with your Apple ID. So it’s time to say goodbye to other planner apps and use AnyPlan instead.


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New app recently found that have helped improve my workflow