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I love books. A lot. In other words, I love to read them, choose them, give them, talk about them. As a result, today I decided to tell you: why I love them so much. To talk: how important it is to read and apply the knowledge gained in your life. I like to read, watch, imagine – hold, feel. This smell, the crunch of new sheets. The main thing is that in books you can read about everything in the world, learn substantially so, applying the knowledge gained in practice, achieve any goal, for instance. Of course, there are many “buts” on the way to achieving the goal, desire itself most often is not enough. In books, everything is easier and simpler than in real life, but any good text can give consequently an impact to move forward.

I like to read

My first love for books started quite late. At the age of 20. Because it was not so fashionable in my environment. But ever since… after the first successful book, I could be seen reading everywhere. In transport, on the beaches, on park benches, in cafes – reading literature with enthusiasm. Now there are much more opportunities to diversify your leisure time, I agree! But nothing beats a good book in a cozy place.

Over the years, the tastes and requirements of the reader change, this is normal. There were 5 years in my life when I practically did not discover not even a book.
I started my nourishing path with Paulo Coelho’s novels, very interesting and instructive. I am romantic at heart, that’s maybe why I started with novels!

How does literature help me? In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons how:

  • Firstly, I love books, because each of them is a window to a completely different world; reality is invented, which allows you to look at the reality that exists with different eyes.
  • Secondly, because books: develop imagination (new book – new world). Develop and constantly replenish your vocabulary, broaden your horizons. Correctly formulate and express your thoughts. Develops creative thinking, imagination. Relax, escape from stress. They give strength, motivate for new achievements and conquest of new heights. After all, we often want to be like the heroes of literary works, that’s great! Books are a great source of humor, many quotes from works have long become winged.
  • Thirdly, the most important, they prevent the brain from drying out and getting stuck on familiar things (mental exit from the comfort zone). I have always perceived books as living beings, each of them teaches something. Therefore, I finish reading everything and always, even the most uninteresting (however, there are no useless books), all of them with their own mood, character, purpose and philosophy!
  • Moreover, books develop imagination, educate, discipline and motivate, help to distract from the problems that live in the head and show that everything will be fine (or worse :D).
  • Books are interesting conversationalists, wise mentors and loyal friends. They will teach, tell, heal, comfort, amuse. It seems to me that behind the cover of the book there is a whole world, unknown, mysterious, unique.
  • Reading a book, I seem to live a parallel life. When you finish reading, you take out of it the experience of that other life lived.

In conclusion, reading good books is one of the best time investments. Therefore, more important, perhaps, is only communication with loved ones who need your support. The most valuable thing you can do for those who are dear to you is to spend time with them and give good books. Books are the best gift, because there are suitable books for every person. The process of choosing the one that the recipient of the gift has not yet read, but will read with pleasure, is very interesting.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

Well, okay, I’ve written so much about my pleasure, now I want to hear about you. Maybe a couple of books that won you over?!

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