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RUSTIC ART – a miracle hidden in the Republic of Moldova

The craftswoman Ecaterina Popescu founded the “Rustic Art” Crafts Complex. Thus, during the years 2003-2018, in her creative workshop, transferred from home to a public space, Mrs Popescu develops a Complex of folk crafts structured in several compartments, likewise: Casa Mare (eng. Big House) – a model, museum of authentic fabrics, craft enterprise “Rustic art”, the training centre in the field of folk crafts, an exhibition hall with the compartments: National Wear and Basarabean Carpet.

Most importantly, the major objective of the Complex is the research, conservation and capitalization of folk art in the Republic of Moldova by organizing various activities and cultural events. There was launched and continues to be organized the traditional festival Basarabean Beautiful Carpet.

It is good to know that the Crafts Complex participated in the elaboration of the file Traditional Bark Making Techniques in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. After that, it was registered in the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage on December 1, 2016.

Firstly, “Rustic art” brings back in the current consumption unique values ​​of the Moldovan cultural identity – the Bassarabian carpet and the authentic costume. Secondly, the craft enterprise offers those trained the opportunity to work. Thirdly, the field of activity of the enterprise consists of the manual production of wool and cotton fabrics and the manual making of the garments of the folk costume.

One of my favourite exhibitions in the museum is – “Casa Mare”. The largest and most beautiful room in the peasant houses, intended for guests and holidays. It reminds me of life in a village or visits to my grandmother… As far as I can remember, no one lived in the “Big House”. In that room the host only received guests with aromatic wine and traditional dishes. In the “Big House” we were used to organize the most important events of the family. For example, the birth of a child, the engagement of the newlyweds, the reception of guests at the Feast of the village. To sum up, in the “Big House” also were kept the most expensive things of the family: clothing, jewelry, piles of dowries for brides. This room was decorated with basil flowers and quince.

Moreover, at my grandmother’s place till nowadays, there is similar room – “Casa Mare”. During my childhood, I did not appreciate this clothing, carpets etc. On the other hand, after years away from my grandmother’s house, it still looks in the same vein and brings me back to that time. Sweet childhood, hot pies, sleeping on the stove, running barefoot outside, rain baths and traditional carpets on the walls.

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RUSTIC ART – a miracle hidden in the Republic of Moldova