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For more than 30 years, people with a passion for languages from all over the world have been travelling with Sprachcaffe, experiencing exotic new countries, immersing themselves in foreign cultures and learning one of seven exciting languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese or Arabic. With Sprachcaffe’s wide range of 30 language schools in fantastic, carefully selected destinations around the world – from cosmopolitan cities brimming with life to scenic seaside resorts – you are sure to find the right one for you.

I will share my experience and more, so please follow along as I take you through my journey at Sprachcaffe.

I had the privilege of being both a student and an employee at this incredible school. I discovered Sprachcaffe approximately 7 years ago and immediately dreamed of attending, but unfortunately, the cost was beyond my means at the time. However, a little over 2 years ago, I had a conversation with my parents and we collectively decided that it was essential for me to learn English. We saw it as a great opportunity and hoped that it would greatly benefit me, as English had always been a challenging language for me to grasp.

Although I find it relatively easy to understand now, it wasn’t always the case. Even after completing multiple courses (3 at the A1 level and 1 at the A2 level), my language skills were still limited to basic communication. I could only answer up to 5 questions.

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What are you doing?
  4. How are you?
  5. and How old are you?

… I am just gonna block and say nothing. I couldn’t understand and I literally wasn’t able to answer something more!

I remember my first day I came to the school, Malta/St. Julians. Arrived at the reception, gave my passport, the guy was telling me and explaining how to get to the supermarket, how to go to the beach, where are my lessons day next, at what time and so on. You know the feeling that someone talks to you a completely different language, I mean the moment when they talk to you in Latin?! So I felt the same… I could reach my room just because of the nr. on my key, I could find the supermarket and the beach by GPS, and my classroom I asked again the morning after with google translate 😀 Such a funny story. But look at my english exactly 3 weeks after the course in a country where my only way to talk to people was English, where I am wasn’t embarrassed by mistakes and where i had nobody esle to practice my native languages.

Now I am seeing lots of mistakes, but don’t care about them, anyway I am proud of myself what i could reach just in few weeks. And I have an English blog in just about 2 years. I remember that time with tears and smiles. Because every weekend some people left, and the same weekend other people came. It happened often that I was back in Sprachcaffe Malta and Sprachcaffe Germany, and every-time, the first 1-2 days, I just prefer to have a walk and remember you, remember my lovely new family that is so far away right now. The family that changed me and made me better, the family that are now so far, far away. A good friend of mine told me that some friends rank up to family level. You see the pictures above? They are not just pictures, we spend days and nights together, not in groups of 3-5, but 20-40 each time. When you live with people 24/7 for weeks/months, they somehow become closer. They understand your mood and they feel your soul. Love you guys, miss every one… I like the World that big, is so much and interesting to discover, but sometimes I would like to have it smaller, and have the opportunity to see my people more often.



There are few spots on the island that I liked, and each time I was in Malta I didn’t skip the opportunity to do it again and it never gets boring.

The best sunset on the island is in Buggiba, please visit it if you have time. You may sit on the rocks, you may take a place in the cafe next to Aquarium, you may chill in Cafe del Mar and enjoy the best sunset ever, just look at this beauty…

…as an advice, take your phone, full it up with your favorite music go there to meditate a bit. I promise you will sit there for hours and will not leave, and trust me, you don’t even need anybody, enjoy the moment and the time with yourself, find your answers and the life goals.

Next picture, is just a simple example how crazy and cool Sprachcaffe people are… few months later, when most of us were at home, working and having our routine, we made a reunion in Netherlands. Usually when you plan a trip with many people, half of them disappear on the way, I mean at one point the plans change and they don’t come anymore. But here, we were 14 planning the trip, and everyone came, EVERYONE! Even few more. (we were 16, some people are just not on the picture). Why go on a language trip with Sprachcaffe? Because Sprachcaffe takes you to the most exciting places in our world has to offer! With their many years of experience, they place great value on authenticity during your language trips, in order to arrange your stay to be as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that your foreign langauge skills develop constantly along the way. Experience the country, its people and its language in their natural environment. Their language courses in diverse locations abroad are led by native speakers, most of whom come from the country in which they teach. They, with the support of the Sprachcaffe Teamers, will give you a deeper understanding of your course’s location and will attend to your language needs completely individually. They also organize a varied leisure program of excursions, sports activities, welcome parties and much more for you, with people representing loads of languages and countries from around the world. If you do speak English or language they have courses for, apply as a teamer. It is a great summer job, that you have fun and work at the same time. You can fully count it as a holiday, just always remember that there are still some responsibilities. Earn some money having an amazing holiday. As a Teamer, you’ll be a group leader, local guide, best friend and big brother/sister, all rolled into one. You’ll spend your free time with the students: you party with them, organize info meetings and sports tournaments, accompany them on day trips and deal with any problems or complaints that may arise. So have fun while working!

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