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The Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod

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I don’t write reviews very often, even for books that impress me most, but recently I’ve noticed that the book Miracle Morning doesn’t have the rate that in my opinion deserves, so, in order to balance a large number of negative assessments – here my honest opinion comes. After all, I absolutely liked the book. The main arguments of critics are very watery.

The author takes as the general line of the whole book the method of early awakening and tells about it in a circle, each time a little, literally a couple of degrees, changing the viewing angle. The moments are watery sometimes, it’s true, but to be properly described and deepen to the core of our brain, sometimes you need everything to be chewed. Some kinds of people are information addicts. They wander through training, read kilograms of literature on personal growth, eat a ton of articles for breakfast/lunch/dinner on how to become effective day in and day out, spoiled by information. Well, for them, this book might really be a disappointment. After all, it’s the same again – get up early, exercise, eat well, etc.

But to people who understand that there are no ready-made recipes for pulling themselves out of the quagmire of ineffectiveness. For people who are willing to scour hundreds of pages of information in search of ideas and concepts that are suitable for them personally – welcome, a book with a small probability will be able to serve you in your future growth.

I personally consider myself an organized person who respects her routines, but honestly, waking up in the morning terrifies me. I use 10 different time sets for alarms and regularly I postpone one after another. However, over the course of 19 days of reading 2 books written by the same author from the Miracle Morning series, I managed to wake up with the first alarm, at 5am, compared to my trained for years habit waking up at about 7-8 o’clock. You know what? I liked it, I managed to finish, by the time of going out to work, all my routines usually practiced throughout the day.

I often complain that I need 30 hours per day, 10 days per week and preferably 50 in the month. But now I realize that the secret of fitting in time remains waking up early, finishing my personal task meanwhile everyone else sleeps! Honestly admitting, I didn’t have such strength all the time, but a month away after starting to read the books, I managed to wake up with the first alarm at 5am sharp for 16 times. Big goal for me!

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The Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod