The story how it started

[bigletter custom_class=””]Friendship is essential for the successful wellbeing of every person. It is based on the simple rules of trust and honesty. A true friend is a person you can always count on when you face challenges and serious problems. He or she always offers a shoulder to cry on in case something wrong happens. Your soulmate always listens to your problems, gives you good piece of advice, and never talks behind your back. A true friend is never envious of your accomplishments and achievements. This person respects you and keeps all your secrets. You can always tell your trusted friend your flaws and be sure that your revelations are safe.

Wanna show you some lovely pictures first. These little humans are the most important ones in my life, feeling proud of them! We have different borders, background and culture. We have strange names and thinking. We live on different continents and we meet on diverse Earth sides. We are so different but similar at the same time. This post will teach you nothing new… or maybe a little bit about the true friendship?! So it’s up to you if you want to invest your time and attention. Because they do deserve it, they`re always loyal to me and never let me down. They`re always there for me in the times of need, they make me smile when I forgot how to, and lift me up when I can`t lift up myself. Sound familiar? This is about them…

There are many valuable things in life, but friendship may be one of the most important. To live life without the experience of friendship, is life without living. Human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are essential to the successful well being of anyone. Our love started almost 2 years ago. During the event I call that it changed my life. The knowledges, the experience and the people I met that week, are amazing, are the most beautiful and awesome ones. A great think is that they are from all over the World what makes it even more interesting.

I think there are few people we meet during the life time they just connect. You can’t explain why and how, you just feel it in the bottom of your heart. We call them soul mates. We have thousands of km from each other, but I still feel you closer than anybody living on the next street. Guys, you are worth more than all the treasures of the world. We are forever, no matter what. It is the most wonderful friendship that I can have.

So just follow how the OG group was born…

In September 2017, I embarked on my first journey to Northern Europe. The week was marked by a chilly drizzle, yet the memories of that time remain as vivid as if it were yesterday. I had just mastered the English language, thanks to a two-month course at the Sprachcaffe Language Plus Malta. This exceptional language school warrants its own dedicated post.

However, let’s return to my experience in Riga at the most remarkable event I’ve ever attended, the Young Diplomats Forum. The event was a spectacle of elegant suits, distinguished guests, engaging activities, and enlightening study visits. It was a global gathering, with attendees from all corners of the world and esteemed speakers.

For the first time, I found myself conversing with native English speakers from Australia, the UK, the USA, and beyond. As I pen this, my heart races, and butterflies flutter in my stomach, yearning to relive those experiences. Do you know the exhilaration of being understood in a language you’ve just begun to learn? If not, I highly recommend you give it a try!

This serves as a brief introduction to the nervous anticipation I felt. I was so apprehensive about initiating conversations, fearing I wouldn’t be able to keep up. However, as the event progressed, I found myself engaging in short exchanges of questions and answers.

By the first morning, I had my inaugural conversation over breakfast with one of the delegates, Eleonor, who is now a friend. Eleonor, do you recall the blank look on my face when you said something I couldn’t comprehend? Such are the trials of a language novice ha ha. Gaia, isn’t it astonishing how close we’ve become, considering we barely exchanged words during the forum? Marian, my memories of you are hazy, fleeting at best. William, I didn’t even know your name during the event. Tomas, Anastasia, the same goes for many others.

I definitely remember few people from the forum, love them, keep in touch especially now when my English is so much better, but we didn’t get close enough at that time… the magic moment comes half a year later!

We still maintained our WhatsApp chat, and from time to time, someone would send holiday messages. One beautiful winter day, we received a message from our dear Marian, informing us that a few people from the forum were planning a short trip to Paris for breakfast in front of Notre Dame. It sounded crazy, but without thinking too much, I booked the tickets a few hours later. And just like that, we were ready to go!

Our adventure began in Paris, despite the rainy weather. We had deep conversations, took long walks, and enjoyed some wine together. We became closer to each other than any other group of friends. In just six months, we managed to explore various cities such as Madrid, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne, and many others. We even ventured to far-off places like Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, and Italy. It’s truly unbelievable how distance is no barrier to forming strong bonds with people. I consider the OG group my best friends, and I’m incredibly proud to have all of you in my life. I love you all, and I send you big hugs and kisses!

P.S. True friendship is a profound connection that transcends the limitations of words. It’s a bond that allows us to weep together, to share our deepest emotions without fear of judgment. Those who resonate with these words understand the depth of this sentiment. As time passes, our original group continues to expand, and we warmly welcome Abdellah, Siri and Emilly. We are thrilled to know you, to share our thoughts openly, and to embrace the diversity of our experiences. Some of us may have joined earlier, others later, but each one of you is invaluable, the best of the best. You provide a shield, safeguarding me from emotional and physical harm, a gesture I deeply appreciate. This divine relationship is something I cherish, and my affection for you extends beyond the stars. A true friend is indeed one of life’s most precious treasures.[/bigletter]

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The story how it started