#paris is love 🤍

#paris is love 🤍

🇮🇹 when in Italy…

🇮🇹 when in Italy…

#crownsup 👸🏽

#crownsup 👸🏽

My phone doesn’t recognize me with glasses 🤓🤷🏽‍♀️ #selfie #faceID

My phone doesn’t recognize me...

☕️ if tea can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem

☕️ if tea can’t fix...

🐥 be enough for yourself first, rest of the world can wait
📸 @gabihadiev @gabii.photography

🐥 be enough for yourself...

In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you 👀

In a room full of...

Every moment matters, choose the right people 😘
📸 @anna_vlah

Every moment matters, choose the...

Just a girl boss building her empire 🙄🎉

Just a girl boss building...

Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. 
🇲🇩 || #from #chisinau #with #love ❤️________________________________________________________
🌎 #seeyousomewhereintheworld 
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‼️ Nothing is #impossible. The word itself says “I’m #possible”.
📸 @gabii.photography

Life is too short to...

Trust is a dangerous game. Once you lose it, hard to earn it back…

I count myself quite naive.
I do trust people.
I am always honest and I expect others to be the same.


I would trust you, just because I don’t see the problem in saying the truth… Consider a sour truth better than a sweet lie. But of course it happened to me and once experienced a lie on my own skin, only one time to be hurt was sufficient to be always suspicious. It depends how strong was it, it depends how much you felt, it depends what was the topic about. Unfortunately thats how you get an issue for the rest of your life: having doubts for any little unclear circumstances. We get trained to look for holes in stories even if there are none. We hurt others by not believing them and we struggle with consequences, but what can we do? It changes us…

It was nothing, a week, then a month or two, and we are back to nothing. I already started to think that everything was only in my head. Might feel a bit embarrassed by you seeing this post, but writing and saying it loud looks more real. It’s hard to admit something is over. It’s hard to admit that we failed. It’s hard to admit that we couldn’t handle such an easy thing. It doesn’t matter who’s fault was it, we just didn’t put enough effort. I couldn’t trust, you didn’t insist. What’s done is done…

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